Mugs 11 oz. Handle/Inside Colors

Our combo colored mugs are perfect when you need to match images and themes to the color of the mug. These vibrant mugs combine the two-tone and rim and handle styles and allow you to create some of the most colorful mugs available on the market. Available in Black, Blue, Maroon, Green, Yellow, Golden Yellow, Pink, Orange, Light Blue, Light Green, and Cambridge Blue. PMS (Pantone Matching System) Color Equivalents:  Black: 21132-1, PMS Black , Blue: 21133-1, PMS 2755C, Maroon: 21134-1, PMS 195C,  Green: 21135-1, PMS 561C, Yellow: 21136-1, PMS 458C, Pink: 21137-1, PMS 508C, Orange: 21138-1PMS 1665C, Light Green: 21139-1, PMS 367C, Light Blue: 21139-1, PMS 299C, Cambridge Blue: 21140-1, PMS 2727C, Red: 21142-1, PMS 200C, Golden Yellow: 21143-1, PMS 715C